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HIPAA compliance

There are two HIPAA rules requirements; privacy (2003) and security (2005). Both rules require:
-Identifying possible threats,
-Assessing specific vulnerabilities,
-Determining appropriate and reasonable safeguards and
-Implementing the necessary defense mechanisms and policies


Using an EMR (electronic medical record) has no absolute right and wrongs in either computer equipment or software for HIPAA compliance. Usually there are four areas to examine:

-Physical Security – can your computers with patient data be stolen?
-User Security - can anybody log on to the patient database?
-System Security – what happens on a hard drive crash?
-Network Security – can unauthorized persons outside your facility access patient data?

Using paper medical records begs similar questions:

-Physical Security – how secure are the files from fire and theft?
-User Security - what access controls and logging is there?
-System Security – what happens in a fire or flood?
-Storage Access – are the files in a locked, secure area?

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