Most of the Help is the same for versions 1 and 2 except password registration.

    Please see Version 2 tab for other help

    Version 1.0 (Mac)

    Version 1.0 (Windows)

    Program(APP) Does not open(Mac Version 1.0)

    Password Registration(Windows version 1.0)

    Password Registration(Mac version 1.0)

    Password Registration(Windows, Version 1.0)

    password 1


    password 2


    password 3


    Password Registration

    Appstore version does not have password setup.

    (Mac, SoftPsych Version only, Version 1.0)

    mac pass1


    mac pass2


    mac pass 3


    Appstore version

    APP does not open or crashes(Mac Only, Version 1.0)

    Please upgrade to Mountain Lion. There are no issues with the app on Mountain Lion

    For Lion Update 10.7.4

    Some users have difficulty with installing and using programs if they have used the regular 10.7.4 update. A combo update would solve the problems,

    Please take the steps below:

    Step 1: Delete SoftEMR Pro(Move to Trash, Empty Trash)

    Step 2: Restart Mac

    Step 3: Please use the combo update for Lion, link here:

    Following the comboupdate take the steps below

    Step 4: Go to Applications...Utilities.. Disk Utility to Repair Permissions(Screenshot below).

    Step 5 : Restart Mac

    Step 6: Reinstall SoftEMR Pro from AppStore

    repair permissio