This e-book explores the use of metrics in Psychiatry. The monograph addresses the use of SoftPsych software beyond the traditional diagnosis and standard use of information regarding psychopharmacology. Application of Metrics to enhance your practice in outpatient, inpatient and other institutional settings is examined here through exemplary case studies. Furthermore, references are provided where applicable. Experienced mental health professionals will find a wealth of information in this e-book, which are derived from the practical application of these principles.

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    • 1. Preface
      2. Metrics in Psychiatry
      a. Brief history of three decades
      b. Fads and fashions in Psychiatry
      c. What Works?
      (Model of Mind)
      d. Imagine - Outpatient, Inpatient
      e. You can do your own research

      3. Art of Psychiatry
      a. Art of psychotherapy
      b. Therapeutic alliance
      c. Transference
      d. The body and the mind
      e. How to assess a psychotherapy patient- Capacity to change, Developmental view
      f. Skill deficit vs. pathology
      g. A critique of attachment therapy
      h. Therapeutic Child inpatient unit
      i. Therapeutic Adolescent inpatient unit
      j. Adult staff in child and adolescent setting
      k. Conduct disorder unit
      l. Adult inpatient unit
      m. Art of Psychopharmacology- styles
      n. Art of psychiatric administration

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